despite living in Tel Aviv for a few years already, there are only handful of Israeli designers that I’m very familiar with. This is something that I’d like to change over this year since there is much talent and innovation to discover here. Today I’d like  to share with you the work of Ron Naden, who combines several things that I love – silkscreen printing, color and Tel Aviv inspired design.

Ron is a 29 year old illustrator and animation art director living in Tel Aviv and here is a sample from his collection that was created for the occasion of Israel’s 61st independence. The main theme for this years’ celebrations was Tel Aviv’s 100th anniversary. One of the styles used is a silkscreen printing technique, “a printing method that’s as old as time, 2011 style” as he puts it. Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday and that these posters will inspire you to come to visit.

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I’ve always been the kind of girl to carry a huge, throw everything you could ever possibly need in it, handbag. I like to be prepared. But recently I’ve traded in my hobos for easy, around the shoulder-type, small satchels, and I couldn’t be happier. I feel lighter to say the least and realize that there is no occasion that merits my need to carry everything. My favorite is this tan, handmade, bucket satchel that I found in a tiny boutique shop in the old city of Jaffa in Israel.

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When in search of inspiration, for a way to brighten up my day or to just run away for a few moments from work,  I have a few places that I like to visit; be it a portfolio of my favorite artists and designers, my treasure box, my favorite blogs or etsy… One of those places is the portfolio of one of my favorite stylists, Twig Hutchinson. Her photography and designs are just stunning, as is her talent in making simple, every day things like wearing socks, ironing or having a tea into something beautiful. I picked out some of my favorite photographs and hope that they will brighten up your day as well.

after all the gold and silver glitter extravaganza during the holidays, right now I feel like clean, easy lines and more of a fresh simple look. The easiest fix – finding the right blouse. Here are my top choices.  As they are on the expensive side, I’ll have to settle with one and to make the right choice I was browsing polyvore for some inspiration on how to style each. This ultimately made the choice much more difficult as now I want them all. But option 3 will probably be it.

1. Matthew Williamson- Lurex-striped scarf-neck blouse $760 $228 last few pieces left
2. Marc Jacobs-Chiffon bow blouse $595 only two last left
3. Tsumori Chisato-Pumpkin Seed Top now 30% off $535 $374.50
4. Tsumori Chisato-Silk Crepe Blouse 50% off  $850 $425
5. Adam Heart-print silk blouse $245 $123  now $98 only last few pieces left

New Years is the time for many to set some goals and resolutions that they would like to embrace for the year to come. I’m no different and every year I make a secret list of my goals that I lose shortly after only to discover it year later and to realize that not  much has changed.  So to make it a bit different, here is a few of the many things that I’m already happy with and would like to keep with me in 2011. I’m sure you have a long list of your own. Happy 2011 to you all!

drinking plenty of wine with the person I love

and keep trying new wines to love {like we did here}

spending lazy time at the beach regardless the weather

enjoying fresh flowers every week

finding favorite places to have breakfast with friends on saturday morning {we did well here}

keep taking long walks and discovering new places

keep looking for and finding inspiration in random places

exploring and making healthier food

spending quality time with our overly hairy cat Claudia

A few weeks ago we posted our picks for the worst hotels. Today, while browsing the CNN website, I found an article about the world’s best airport (Changi Airport) in Singapore. (See

We are no strangers to being stranded for hours in airports but seeing this article made me jealous, to say the least, since unfortunately we happen to get stuck, quite often, in the world’s worst airports. Here are our picks for the worst airports:

  • Kiev Airport (Ukraine)
  • Bucharest Airport (Romania)
  • Belgrade Airport (Serbia) *We love everything else about Belgrade
  • Varna Airport (Bulgaria)
  • Old Delta Terminal, LaGaurdia Aiport (New York)

Our work takes us to mainly Eastern Europe but if you have other “worst airport” picks please feel free to add them.

On Friday morning we decided to have breakfast in Jaffa-the oldest neighborhood of Tel Aviv, and to stroll through the flea market which is pretty much spread all over the place. It’s one big fusion between the really old, the really fake and old, and modern; with enough patience and courage, you can find some gems, but be ready to go through some serious trash as well. We did discover an amazing vintage-but-not-only store and tried on pretty much everything-from gorgeous clip on earrings, to headbands and snow faux fur hats. Here are some glimpses from that sunny morning (that turned into a crazy, full on storm, just few hours later)