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According to many, Prague is one of those cities that has Paris-like charm. But for me,  since Prague is my hometown, when I go to Paris, I’d say it has much of the same Prague-like charm. Regardless of the rhetoric, both cities are beautiful and I love them dearly. What these two cities share in common, besides their obvious beauty,  is the  mysterious atmosphere and old glory way of being. These qualities especially come to life after the sunset when the city calms down and crowds of tourists slowly disappear, making it the perfect time to explore. Over the holidays I visited my family in  Prague and one evening managed to escape the craziness of the season to take a walk. It was freezing cold but nothing that one several gluhweins (hot spicy wine) and grogs (czech version of tea and rum) couldn’t fix.

To further indulge on wine, I revisited one of my favorite wine bars in Prague, the Monarch, which has one of the best collections of Czech wines, among many others, to taste and some great cheese/meat plates to go with it. Feeling ever so slightly buzzed and happy, I then walked some more and got to enjoy the best views of that misty and mysterious Prague from the Charles Bridge. Here are some of those moments. Can’t wait to be back again and if you’re lucky enough to be visiting Prague soon, send us a note, we’ll be happy to suggest some places to visit.


New Years is the time for many to set some goals and resolutions that they would like to embrace for the year to come. I’m no different and every year I make a secret list of my goals that I lose shortly after only to discover it year later and to realize that not  much has changed.  So to make it a bit different, here is a few of the many things that I’m already happy with and would like to keep with me in 2011. I’m sure you have a long list of your own. Happy 2011 to you all!

drinking plenty of wine with the person I love

and keep trying new wines to love {like we did here}

spending lazy time at the beach regardless the weather

enjoying fresh flowers every week

finding favorite places to have breakfast with friends on saturday morning {we did well here}

keep taking long walks and discovering new places

keep looking for and finding inspiration in random places

exploring and making healthier food

spending quality time with our overly hairy cat Claudia

Early Friday morning we headed out to the Judean Hills where there was a wine tasting festival. We happily spent the day sampling some of the best wines Israel has to offer. Some of my favorites were Petit Castel and Soreq‘s Port wine. Good food, great wine and friends made for the perfect Friday afternoon. Great weekend outing!

Now while many would find this a bit odd, we felt that this chocolate fudge made for a perfect sweet something after all the wine and Argentinean meat snacks.