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1. Waiting for few friends to join us for some wine before we head off to a newly open restaurant nearby offering 150 kinds of beer (yes, by the time we were done with sampling which one to order, reading the menu in Hebrew became challenging).
2. I very much enjoyed this wine.
3. When it comes to pendants, I don’t like having to limit to only one. Here are few of my favorites, collected over the time, from all over the place.
4. A new coffee bar that opened – LaCafe – right in the middle of the Carmel market, in Tel Aviv. It is an experience to have a coffee with some surprisingly delicious macaroons in the middle of all the madness.
5. Branches that I bought last week instead of the usual fresh flowers, still looking good and holding on.

I have been living abroad for a few years now but being originally
from New York, anytime I get the chance to visit this amazing city, I
find myself eating and drinking my way through my trip. My hot stops
so far…and this is just a Sunday!

  • Clinton St. Bakery- I always make sure to meet my friends for brunch here. They have the most incredibly decadent banana walnut pancakes. It’s about an hour wait but well worth it.
  • Vandaag-There is nothing like following brunch with a warm (alcoholic) treat. I like the cider or warm beer cocktails.
  • Billy’s Bakery- I absolutely cannot come to New York and not get the Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie from Billy’s. It is literally a slice of heaven.

Stay tuned for more treats…

like many of you, beginning last year I started to pay more attention to what I eat, how I eat it and what sort of impact my habits have on our planet. There were several factors that contributed to this, although I have to admit, I had a rather slow awakening which has now picked up a new pace. I have a deep love of nature which I dearly miss living in the city. I have been more and more aware of the dirtiness and pollution around  me and now cannot stop noticing it. Has the same happened to you? Last year, I also watched several documentaries that influenced the way I think about food, water  and our environment, such as Food Inc. and Tapped. I have also fell in love with some very inspiring blogs and the people behind them, in particular, 101cookbooks by Heidi Swanson.

It must be the way she writes and the love she puts in her cooking that totally encouraged me to enter her world and try to simply cook and eat better, experiment with different ingredients and create new dishes. I’m not a vegetarian however at home I started to severely limit the amount of meat I eat, replacing it with fish and more often just a veggie meal.  I started to put more emphasis on where the products I buy comes from, how fresh they are, how was it grown and I more often go for the organic kind. Easy to say and harder to do as this definitely takes more time and often more money so companies  like Riverford (UK) and Urban Organic (NYC), are excellent an way of saving both. That’s why I was so excited to hear about Or Gani farm, that does this here in Israel.  Every Wednesday I receive a box of veggies and fruits and I can’t tell you what a great surprise it is every week. 
There are often veggies that I would never think of buying myself  and don’t even know what they are and what to cook with them so this really forces me to go beyond my regular habits and try new things.  This week it’s swiss chard. It only took few minutes of browsing the 101cookbooks to pick this Lively Up Yourself Lentil Soup Recipe.

Up until this point, we’ve blogged about our favorite fashions, the places we’ve been to and loved, and the places we’ve been to and hated. As we mentioned, our work takes us to many places, so I thought maybe it’s time for a travel story. For those of you who have the pleasure of traveling often or even sporadically, you know that some of the best and funniest events happen while you’re on the road. This is the story of one of those moments…
I was traveling from London to Tel Aviv via Vienna where I had a 9-hour layover. Let me just say that there is no way to keep yourself truly busy for 9 hours straight in an airport. By hour 7, I had done work, eaten everything the lounge had to offer, streamed and watched my TV shows, and visited the duty free shops…twice. So there I was 2 hours before boarding, thoroughly bored, and I thought, well I might as well have a drink. One drink turned into a few and I was feeling nice and toasty when I finally got to the gate for my flight.
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I absolutely love love charms-in all forms and on all types of jewelry-necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earings…For me personally, gold mini charms that I can layer onto one single necklace is a look that I adore. I often wear two-to-three charm necklaces at a time and on most days. What I find so appealing about charms is that they are almost always personal and are typically given to you by someone special whether it be a friend, your parents or a loved one. I can never have enough as each one of mine reminds me of a special moment or person + I think it’s a look that will always be in style.

{part of my charm collection}

and here some others that I love
{Serengeti by HoneyThistle}
{Ice Pick – Brass Charm Long Necklace – Recycled Glass on Brass Ball Chain by trillium}
{Time Flies Watch Necklace by HollywoodHillbilly}

despite living in Tel Aviv for a few years already, there are only handful of Israeli designers that I’m very familiar with. This is something that I’d like to change over this year since there is much talent and innovation to discover here. Today I’d like  to share with you the work of Ron Naden, who combines several things that I love – silkscreen printing, color and Tel Aviv inspired design.

Ron is a 29 year old illustrator and animation art director living in Tel Aviv and here is a sample from his collection that was created for the occasion of Israel’s 61st independence. The main theme for this years’ celebrations was Tel Aviv’s 100th anniversary. One of the styles used is a silkscreen printing technique, “a printing method that’s as old as time, 2011 style” as he puts it. Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday and that these posters will inspire you to come to visit.

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