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I absolutely love love charms-in all forms and on all types of jewelry-necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earings…For me personally, gold mini charms that I can layer onto one single necklace is a look that I adore. I often wear two-to-three charm necklaces at a time and on most days. What I find so appealing about charms is that they are almost always personal and are typically given to you by someone special whether it be a friend, your parents or a loved one. I can never have enough as each one of mine reminds me of a special moment or person + I think it’s a look that will always be in style.

{part of my charm collection}

and here some others that I love
{Serengeti by HoneyThistle}
{Ice Pick – Brass Charm Long Necklace – Recycled Glass on Brass Ball Chain by trillium}
{Time Flies Watch Necklace by HollywoodHillbilly}


When in search of inspiration, for a way to brighten up my day or to just run away for a few moments from work,  I have a few places that I like to visit; be it a portfolio of my favorite artists and designers, my treasure box, my favorite blogs or etsy… One of those places is the portfolio of one of my favorite stylists, Twig Hutchinson. Her photography and designs are just stunning, as is her talent in making simple, every day things like wearing socks, ironing or having a tea into something beautiful. I picked out some of my favorite photographs and hope that they will brighten up your day as well.

after all the gold and silver glitter extravaganza during the holidays, right now I feel like clean, easy lines and more of a fresh simple look. The easiest fix – finding the right blouse. Here are my top choices.  As they are on the expensive side, I’ll have to settle with one and to make the right choice I was browsing polyvore for some inspiration on how to style each. This ultimately made the choice much more difficult as now I want them all. But option 3 will probably be it.

1. Matthew Williamson- Lurex-striped scarf-neck blouse $760 $228 last few pieces left
2. Marc Jacobs-Chiffon bow blouse $595 only two last left
3. Tsumori Chisato-Pumpkin Seed Top now 30% off $535 $374.50
4. Tsumori Chisato-Silk Crepe Blouse 50% off  $850 $425
5. Adam Heart-print silk blouse $245 $123  now $98 only last few pieces left

is what we are experiencing in Tel Aviv (and in Israel overall) these past weeks and as much as I love the summer I very much miss the four-season cycle and especially my very favorite season, fall. I believe that I’m speaking on behalf of all the sweaty and flushed people I see on the streets of Tel Aviv over the past six (?) months (it’s too hot to count) when I say that we have barely noticed that the summer has ended. It is craaazy but in terms of humidity/temperature, we are right up where we were during july and august. The only indication that we’ve moved past summer are shorter days and the fact that the beaches have emptied out since the summer tourists have left and the locals are simply getting tired of going to the beach. They are ready for some rain and cloudy days that will give them the excuse to stay at home and get cozy.

I always experience an excitement when shopping for autumn clothes that I don’t get when shopping during the summer, paying much more attention to the fabric, quality, color and style. Fall’s clothing always feels to me so settle and elegant, especially after this crazy summer full of florals and colors. Now, we do a lot most of our shopping abroad so it can be a little frustrating when nothing of what we buy abroad is wearable here, either ever or at least not for a few more months.

So until I travel abroad again, why not dream a little dream about a crisp autumn day when I would be wearing this ( and since it’s a dream, the price tags are not taken into consideration here :) ):

Instead of this (today’s outfit):

Have you ever seen a commercial and thought “I have to have that!” If you’re anything like me the answer is no. That was until I saw this amazing commercial from Castro. Castro is an Israeli clothing and accessory brand that most closely resembles the Gap in American terms. This commercial follows a girl through her day into night; plays fun, upbeat music and is just incredibly cute. Anyway, I saw it in the movie theater, fell in love with a pair of shoes and bought them the very next day .

They are high ankle, lace up boots in a great camel color. They came with me to London and were the perfect pair of shoes to take me all over town. Edgy, trendy and most important, comfortable + I saw similar shoes in a ton of London shops. Loving this trend for fall and winter