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I absolutely love love charms-in all forms and on all types of jewelry-necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earings…For me personally, gold mini charms that I can layer onto one single necklace is a look that I adore. I often wear two-to-three charm necklaces at a time and on most days. What I find so appealing about charms is that they are almost always personal and are typically given to you by someone special whether it be a friend, your parents or a loved one. I can never have enough as each one of mine reminds me of a special moment or person + I think it’s a look that will always be in style.

{part of my charm collection}

and here some others that I love
{Serengeti by HoneyThistle}
{Ice Pick – Brass Charm Long Necklace – Recycled Glass on Brass Ball Chain by trillium}
{Time Flies Watch Necklace by HollywoodHillbilly}


When in search of inspiration, for a way to brighten up my day or to just run away for a few moments from work,  I have a few places that I like to visit; be it a portfolio of my favorite artists and designers, my treasure box, my favorite blogs or etsy… One of those places is the portfolio of one of my favorite stylists, Twig Hutchinson. Her photography and designs are just stunning, as is her talent in making simple, every day things like wearing socks, ironing or having a tea into something beautiful. I picked out some of my favorite photographs and hope that they will brighten up your day as well.