New Years is the time for many to set some goals and resolutions that they would like to embrace for the year to come. I’m no different and every year I make a secret list of my goals that I lose shortly after only to discover it year later and to realize that not  much has changed.  So to make it a bit different, here is a few of the many things that I’m already happy with and would like to keep with me in 2011. I’m sure you have a long list of your own. Happy 2011 to you all!

drinking plenty of wine with the person I love

and keep trying new wines to love {like we did here}

spending lazy time at the beach regardless the weather

enjoying fresh flowers every week

finding favorite places to have breakfast with friends on saturday morning {we did well here}

keep taking long walks and discovering new places

keep looking for and finding inspiration in random places

exploring and making healthier food

spending quality time with our overly hairy cat Claudia