A few weeks ago we posted our picks for the worst hotels. Today, while browsing the CNN website, I found an article about the world’s best airport (Changi Airport) in Singapore. (See http://www.cnngo.com/singapore/visit/24-hours-changi-airport-039443)

We are no strangers to being stranded for hours in airports but seeing this article made me jealous, to say the least, since unfortunately we happen to get stuck, quite often, in the world’s worst airports. Here are our picks for the worst airports:

  • Kiev Airport (Ukraine)
  • Bucharest Airport (Romania)
  • Belgrade Airport (Serbia) *We love everything else about Belgrade
  • Varna Airport (Bulgaria)
  • Old Delta Terminal, LaGaurdia Aiport (New York)

Our work takes us to mainly Eastern Europe but if you have other “worst airport” picks please feel free to add them.