I take a sort of residential pride in the fact that Tel Aviv was rated number 3 on Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities for 2011, coming in just behind New York and Tangiers. If I had to guess the reasoning, I would say it is likely because of the insane energy that this sleepless city boasts. I came across a photo spread of Tel Aviv that I think gives the best looking-glass into this incredible city. Check out here and here.

So here are just few of the many reason why WE  Tel Aviv:

  • Beach weather nearly all year around + beach to go with it
  • You can find a party every night of the week
  • You can find everything you need in Shuk Hacarmel
  • Great mix of fancy + mom and pop restaurants
  • Overall great city vibe
  • Flip flops are considered appropriate for almost every occasion
  • Where almost everyone knows your name (not good for those people trying to keep a low profile :))
  • Great humus and falafel on every corner
  • You can eat breakfast at all hours in most places
  • Everything is walking distance so no real need for a car

What about you? Have a list on your own that you’d like to share?