We came across this article in New York Times yesterday that caught us by surprise. The article talks about the lack of women in principle roles on both New York gubernatorial campaigns. While both candidates realize they need the women vote, they seem to have disregarded them as key members of their campaigns and in their place, forming “women for Cuomo” or “women for Paladino committees to make it look like they really care. Regardless, it sends a strong signal to half of the voting population, that women are less capable than men to run campaigns.
As two women who work in campaign management and who try to push themselves into this male dominated field daily, this is not only a setback but a personal disappointment. Furthermore, we often mirror our international campaigns on the US model making this all the more troubling.
Guess its time for us women to roll up our sleeves, put on our stilettos and kick our way in…or at least try.