is what we are experiencing in Tel Aviv (and in Israel overall) these past weeks and as much as I love the summer I very much miss the four-season cycle and especially my very favorite season, fall. I believe that I’m speaking on behalf of all the sweaty and flushed people I see on the streets of Tel Aviv over the past six (?) months (it’s too hot to count) when I say that we have barely noticed that the summer has ended. It is craaazy but in terms of humidity/temperature, we are right up where we were during july and august. The only indication that we’ve moved past summer are shorter days and the fact that the beaches have emptied out since the summer tourists have left and the locals are simply getting tired of going to the beach. They are ready for some rain and cloudy days that will give them the excuse to stay at home and get cozy.

I always experience an excitement when shopping for autumn clothes that I don’t get when shopping during the summer, paying much more attention to the fabric, quality, color and style. Fall’s clothing always feels to me so settle and elegant, especially after this crazy summer full of florals and colors. Now, we do a lot most of our shopping abroad so it can be a little frustrating when nothing of what we buy abroad is wearable here, either ever or at least not for a few more months.

So until I travel abroad again, why not dream a little dream about a crisp autumn day when I would be wearing this ( and since it’s a dream, the price tags are not taken into consideration here :) ):

Instead of this (today’s outfit):